The Outer Form of Your Products Is Decisive.

Contemporary, innovative, creative and emotionalising – often the design alone decides on the purchase of a certain product and in this way gives it its very own value.

With a registered design (sometimes also referred to as a “design patent”), the outer appearance of a product or its packaging can be protected. Whether vehicles, machines, furniture, clothing or the like – in almost all areas novel designs can be an effective and often the only means against unwanted imitation. Compared to patents and trademarks in particular, designs can be registered with relatively little effort. It is often sufficient to prepare and file a design application by creating suitable images of the product on a neutral background. Even rather schematic line drawings can serve as the basis for a design application. For this reason, the registration of designs is associated with comparatively low costs. In addition, both the German Patent and Trade Mark Office (DPMA) and the European Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO), which is responsible for EU designs, offer the possibility of combining several designs in so-called “multiple applications”.

In other countries, such as the USA, the regulations are partly different – here designs are protected by so-called “design patents”, for which the application requirements differ slightly from the German or EU design registrations.

We can assist you with all design-related matters, including identifying registrable designs and coordinating design applications both domestically and internationally. We have a network of specialized law firms around the world, and we are a trusted and competent partner when it comes to enforcing and defending your design rights.

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